Everyday Objects to Imaginary Constructs

Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Episode I: Using Inspiration of one object to create another.

In this assignment, we will be exploring inspiration. In this particular project, we will explore this in a straightforward manner – taking the shape of one object and translating it to an imaginary construct.

Let’s watch the above video. Mainly from the 1:16min point onward. It shows an illustrator drawing an imaginary “robot.” His inspiration is the top of a spray bottle

Here are a few examples:

Part 1 – Due Date: See D2L

Eric Geusz
Eric Geusz

Part 2 – Due Date: See D2L

Shapes, forms, and nature that inspired Jorn Utzon: Sydney Opera House

Anna Pustovaya


  • Create four quadrants on four pages of your sketchbook
  • Find an object(s) that you think might inspire you to create a drawing
  • Within each quadrant create curves, lines, and doodles to develop a visual vocabulary to use later
  • Begin creating thumbnail sketches based of your “model, line/forms and sketches
  • Due date is TBD. Most if not all work will be completed in class.

Let’s enjoy ourselves!

Warning: Do bring sharp or dangerous objects to class! Safety First!