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Classes: Moving Forward

Welcome back. We are all going through a rough period in our lives due to circumstances out of our control. I want you to know that your well being is my primary concern. Academics are extremely important; however, nothing supersedes your health and well being. I hope you will enjoy this class’ online component

NOTE: All dropbox’s are open and will remain so for the duration of the semester unless informed otherwise.

As you are all aware we will continue this class remotely until directed otherwise. Please check the University Website for the most current information.

I will be giving lectures concerning all assignments moving forward. Lectures will be provided via Zoom conferencing and pre-recorded video tutorials. More info to follow.

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CSS Grid Assignment (Classwork)

Class: We will begin the class by reviewing directory structures and the proper way to save your html and css files. We will be creating a “grid” in CSS. Currently there is no due date.

I will get the class started by reviewing the code you will need to use for this project. Then, you may continue on your own with my assistance as well as the help of your classmates.

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155 Intro to Web Design Template

We will start each class using the following zip file. It contains an “index.html” file, a “css” folder which contains a style.css file. Also, there is an empty “images” folder.

Download Zip File Here

We will be starting each class with this folder structure. Once you extract the zip file. Make a copy and name it “template_intro_web_[date]

Start each following class with the same template. When completed please upload your work to dropbox. I am going to start creating folders for each class.



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DMET 155: Introduction to Web Design

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 A.M. – 10:00am
P.M./Rosenkrans (DMET Lab C)


HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites , Jon Duckett, Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-00818



  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic web design, usability, and web authoring tools
  • Evaluate websites for information organization, content representation, and site navigation
  • Evaluate and compare web development software and tools
  • Design and build aesthetically pleasing static websites using WYSIWYG editors and graphic design tools
  • Design web media effectively for identified target markets
  • Practice legal use of images and content

I recommend using the sublime text editor. It has PC and Mac versions.

It’s a great text editor!

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How to Choose Fonts for Headlines

Headlines and other short phrases or blocks of text are often set in display type sizes of 18 points and larger. While readability is still important, there is more leeway for using fun or decorative typefaces in headlines. Beyond what the headline says, it needs contrast—of size or font choice or color—to make it stand out.

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