Typography – Type Driven Poster

Research your subject.

1. On an index card, in one sentence, write your objective.

2. Define the purpose and function of the poster, the audience, and the information to be

3. Find typefaces that express the spirit of the subject. Or use handmade or found type or a combination of handmade and a typeface.

4. Design a poster that is type driven—that is, the type is the star of the poster. If you use any image, it should play a secondary role to the type-driven headline.

5. Produce at least twenty sketches.

6. Produce your final poster

7. You can pick the size of your poster (with prior approval) or you can choose to use a standard poster size. 2’x3′ or 3’x2′ .






Step 3

  1. Choose two of your best sketches and refine them.
  2. Establish emphasis through a visual hierarchy.
  3. Carefully examine the spacing between letters, among words, and between lines of type.

Step 4

  • Create a finished solution. This poster is to be completed in InDesign.
  • The poster can be designed in a portrait or landscape orientation.

• • •
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