Imaging Technology – Project 3: Brand Implementation

In this project you will be creating three different forms of mass communication involving the advertisement of product, service, messaging, etc….

AFTER I have approved your concept. Which you will present to me in your blogs and individual meetings with me in class.

The above will vary depending on your progress with your lessons and skill level.

Completion date is TBA.

The three forms of mass communication are:

1. A Billboard

2. A Magazine Advertisment. (Full Page Ad)

3. A Website Design. Designs for a Homepage and Sub Page. FLAT DESIGNS ONLY!!!!! No coding!

It is paramount that all media placements are in sync.

 Billboard examples:


An interesting design that promotes the brand and informs the viewer.


A standard billboard.


An unconventional approach to billboard design.

Outdoor advertising billboard

An empty canvas.

Magazine Ad Examples


An Ad promoting Aluminum in a trade magazine.


An Ad for a Design Company. Illustrating the companies’ skills while promoting themselves in a practical way.


Job Promotion


 Pharma/Medical Research Ad.


Webpage Design

• • •