BRANDING ONLINE: 1 and Creative Brief

The Creative Brief

A Design Brief (a written document outlining and strategizing a design project; also called a creative brief.) is a strategic plan that both the client and design firm or advertising agency agree upon, a written document outlining and strategizing a design project or creative work plan. (Strategy can be determined outside a design brief, as well.) This is most important for designers and the creative team. Strategy is a springboard for conceptual development.

Most design briefs are made up of questions and answers—a format used in an attempt to
fully understand the assignment, the objectives of the project, the design context, and the audience. The answers to questions delineated in a design brief are usually based on predesign (preliminary) market research and information gathered about the product, service or group, and audience. Answers are predicated on the budget.

Finally, the design brief becomes the strategic plan for implementing objectives. It is a written standard against which creative solutions can be measured. The client and creative professionals can go back to the brief for guidance, or designers can use it to support their concepts and/or solutions. A thoughtful, clear brief can foster creative concept generation

The document below is what was presented in class. It presents important questions that you will need to answer for this project. The criteria for your Design Brief will differ from the document below. For now, you should just focus on brand ideation.

Design Brief and Case Study Example


Do NOT start with creating your Design Brief. The above pdf is an EXAMPLE and an example only. Your Design brief will follow different criteria. You should only concentrate on conceptualizing. We will discuss this further in class.

Student Examples:

NOTE: These Design Briefs were made by students in a class with different parameters. REMEMBER: You are limited to a unique fictional product.

The following is a template you may use for your Design Brief.

Download Here

Creative Brief PowerPoint

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