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We meet in the Convergence Room (C) Monday – 4:00 PM – 6:50 PM/Rosenkrans (DMET Lab

Introduce students to the core concepts of Social Media and how to implement an effective social media campaign.


  • Establishing a brand for a Social Media Campaign
  • Plan for the design and production of multimedia products using professional methods of previsualization and conceptual development.
  • Apply theories and aesthetic principles of visual design to the presentation of digital information.
  • Produce multimedia through acquisition, design, editing, and distribution of digital content in various forms such as: graphics, photographs, sound, and moving images
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How to Choose Fonts for Headlines

Headlines and other short phrases or blocks of text are often set in display type sizes of 18 points and larger. While readability is still important, there is more leeway for using fun or decorative typefaces in headlines. Beyond what the headline says, it needs contrast—of size or font choice or color—to make it stand out.

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