Logo/Corporate Branding

Logo Design: Lecture. You can view the presentation here.


This project calls for a comprehensive visual identity—from its marketing strategy to its deliverables. It demonstrates your ability to be consistent yet creative. This is a difficult and involved assignment. It demonstrates to your potential employers’ ability to formulate a strategy and design concept and follow it through with a visual identity that includes several design applications.

You will need to establish the same basic color “swatches” to use with your logo’s. You can make them after you have completed your logo or before. You will use these colors in the next branding phase.

Helps You Develop Great Logo Designs

Check out the infographic below to discover how you can use grids to make impressive logos.

Grids To Make Impressive Logos

  1. Produce at least twenty sketches to aid in designing your logo.
  2. Design a logo.
  3. Be sure to use your strategy and design brief.

Create the following:

  • Three color logos. (Big, Medium and Small in size.)
  • Three B&W logos. (Big, Medium and Small in size.)

Put all nine versions of your logo on a tabloid size page.

Some Examples

Melanie Lamac
Alena Lisa
Vera Atamian
Briana Vanbuskirk




 Logo Project Requirements.

You will be using this logo to help establish the look and feel of an entire brand. This project will be of great help in the following assignments. You will use these logos throughout the semester.

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Download The Syllabus Here

We meet in the Convergence Room (C) Monday – 4:00 PM – 6:50 PM/Rosenkrans (DMET Lab

Introduce students to the core concepts of Social Media and how to implement an effective social media campaign.


  • Establishing a brand for a Social Media Campaign
  • Plan for the design and production of multimedia products using professional methods of previsualization and conceptual development.
  • Apply theories and aesthetic principles of visual design to the presentation of digital information.
  • Produce multimedia through acquisition, design, editing, and distribution of digital content in various forms such as: graphics, photographs, sound, and moving images
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Facebook Business Page



Watch the video. Please use the information on this page to help you build your own Business Page.

Please complete the following before the next class.

Managing Roles for Facebook

The Following should not be attempted until we have completed creating our facebook profiles and pages.

  1. Accept two friends/editors from your classmates. Make them editors or an admin.
  2. Make Ten posts on their page. The posts should concern your classmates brand/company. They should be positive.
  3. Incorporate images in your individual posts. Only one image can be used per post. Be creative.
  4. Video is allowed if you wish. Use discretion. Make sure you follow the rules set forth in the student handbook and the syllabus.
  5. Privacy settings will be reviewed in class. Remember: Only Admins should be able to make changes to your page.
  6. You should review each post before it is released. This can be set up in Facebook’s settings.


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How to Choose Fonts for Headlines

Headlines and other short phrases or blocks of text are often set in display type sizes of 18 points and larger. While readability is still important, there is more leeway for using fun or decorative typefaces in headlines. Beyond what the headline says, it needs contrast—of size or font choice or color—to make it stand out.

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