Classes: Moving Forward

Welcome back. We are all going through a rough period in our lives due to circumstances out of our control. I want you to know that your well being is my primary concern. Academics are extremely important; however, nothing supersedes your health and well being. I hope you will enjoy this class’ online component

NOTE: All dropbox’s are open and will remain so for the duration of the semester unless informed otherwise.

As you are all aware we will continue this class remotely until directed otherwise. Please check the University Website for the most current information.

I will be giving lectures concerning all assignments moving forward. Lectures will be provided via Zoom conferencing and pre-recorded video tutorials. More info to follow.

I will be sending out Zoom invitations before each class. The zoom meetings will be active during class time as well as during office hours. Also, I will be extending these sessions soon.

Zoom is a wonderful way for users to meet as a class or in small groups. If you haven’t used it before I can help you connect. Don’t worry about this. I will be in touch with more info.

Please review this post page often. It will be updated daily.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


P.S. I am always available via email. Never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.