DMET 155: Introduction to Web Design

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 A.M. – 10:00am
P.M./Rosenkrans (DMET Lab C)


HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites , Jon Duckett, Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-00818



  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic web design, usability, and web authoring tools
  • Evaluate websites for information organization, content representation, and site navigation
  • Evaluate and compare web development software and tools
  • Design and build aesthetically pleasing static websites using WYSIWYG editors and graphic design tools
  • Design web media effectively for identified target markets
  • Practice legal use of images and content

I recommend using the sublime text editor. It has PC and Mac versions.

It’s a great text editor!